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Panel and Service Upgrade

Are you familiar with your electrical panel?

This is a part of your home most people do not go to unless there is a problem. When a breaker trips in your fuse box it is usually an indication there is a problem that may require an electrician's attention. Circuit breakers should never be used as a means of switching things on and off regularly. They are not meant to do that. When dealing with older panel boards sometimes breakers will not trip out when they are suppose to and breakers may also nuisance trip. Nuisance tripping refers to breakers that regularly trip out even though they are not being over worked. We can help with trouble shooting and diagnosing concerns with electrical panels and equipment.
Older electrical equipment like fuse boxes can often times be dangerous due to wear and tear. It should be regularly inspected and tested to insure its safety. 

Surge protection

A surge is when high voltage electricity travels through the power cords to your electronics and appliances. Surges can be caused from appliances turning on and off,  a disturbance in the utilities and even from lightning. 

Our surge protection protects your main panel as well as you electronics and valuables. It connects right to your breaker box and protects up to 108000 Amps

Contact us about the ways we can help insure your electrial panel is safe today!